"The fire on the tip of its tail is a measure of his life. If healthy, its tail burns intensely."

Normal Sprite FrontCharmander Not ShinyShiny Sprite FrontShiny Charmander


Type- Fire

Abilities- Blaze

Gender- Male or Female

Weaknesses- Ground, Rock, Water


HP- 1 out of 6

Attack- 2 out of 6

Defense- 2 out of 6

Special Attack- 3 out of 6

Special Defense- 2 out of 6

Speed- 3 out of 6


CharmanderCharmander Not Shiny>Lv 16> CharmeleonCharmeleon Not Shiny>Lv 36> CharizardCharizard Not Shiny

Notes -Edit

Appears in Fire Red as a starter and appears in other games such as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl